Release Notes – January 2021

Today's release includes the launch of highly anticipated (and much-requested) updates to the conditions in the segment builder and the creation of campaign rules. With these improvements, you will be able to more granularly target your website visitors, filter out audiences that you don't want to receive specific experiences, and more easily configure multi-step sequences of personalization.

A few of the highlights include:

  • Updated user interface to simplify condition building
  • Support for content sequencing and more advanced journey building with new conditions
  • An updated and improved rule-builder
  • Advanced filtering options

Updated Condition Flow for Segmentation and Filtering

To make the process for building segments and rule filters more intuitive, we have removed the “include/exclude” parameters at the beginning of each condition. Instead, the conditions will not begin with the relevant condition type and follow a “has/has not,” “is/is not,” “has viewed/has not viewed,” etc flow.

All existing conditions and rule filters have been automatically updated to the new format and have been tested to ensure that they will continue to work as designed and expected. You will not need to make any changes to your existing configurations.

For more information on building segments, click here.

New Experience-Based Conditions

Want to only serve a fly-in to visitors who have seen a specific version of your homepage? You can! Want to make sure your new landing page only delivers a specific call to action for visitors who have matched a particular modal rule? No problem.

We now support two new conditions:

Campaign Rule

This allows you to segment and filter based upon whether the visitor has seen any of the campaign rules that you specifically define. You can also determine the level of exposure to those rules that you'd like to include or exclude from your targeting logic.


This allows you to segmentand filter based upon whether the visitor has seen any specific pieces of personalized content. You can also determine the level of exposure to those rules that you'd like to include or exclude from your targeting logic.

With these new conditions, it's now easier than ever to build content journeys and personalized sequences for your key visitors.

To see a detailed description of segmenting conditions, click here.

Updated Interface for Rule Creation

Our rule creation wizard has gotten an update. The new display now starts with a segment-first approach, making it more intuitive to build your personalized experiences.

Content and display mode have been consolidated into a single screen. This will allow you to immediately select your content after you've chosen which type of display to deliver.

We've added support for session view limits as well as time view limits for all content types. The session view limit will allow you to determine if you want your content to only show 1x in a given session. The time-based view limit will allow you to specify the frequency over a given time period with which you'd like your content to display.

Rule filters will now include the updated segmentation conditions and condition formats. This will allow you to more easily filter visitors in and out of personalized experiences based on their exposure to other personalization.

With these features, you will be able to quickly develop rule sequences for your campaigns, ensuring that your visitors see a particular personalized journey.

For more information about rule creation, click here.

We're excited about the new possibilities that today's updates provide and we hope you are too!

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