Web Personalization: Starter License

With the new Starter License, Bound is offering an easy way to get started with website personalization. This new, introductory license provides all the tools needed to begin delivering targeted content to your website visitors, driving increased conversion and improved website performance.

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What's Included?

3 Campaigns

  • 1 Sitewide Banner
  • 1 Sitewide Fly-In
  • 1 Sitewide Modal

Targeting Capabilities

  • Geographic
  • Onsite Behavioral
  • UTM
  • Device Type


  • 5 Rules (experiences) per campaign


  • In-app dashboard reporting
  • Google Analytics Integration to view all results in your GA dashboard


  • $10,000 license fee (paid annually)
  • $1,500 implementation and onboarding (one-time)

What functionality is included in this license?

The starter license includes the ability to personalize your website using fly-ins, modals, and banners. All targeting capabilities of Bound are included in the license, making it easy to start personalizing the website experience for your visitors based on their interests, behavior, and ad engagement.

Why should I consider the Starter License as a way to get started with personalization?

This license allows you to try some of the more commonly used personalization tactics to engage your website visitors. If you've ever considered personalization or are looking for new ways to drive onsite conversion, the Starter License provides the tools you need to begin basic personalization at an accessible price point.

Who is a good fit for this license?

You may be a good fit for this license if you have wanted to try personalization but have been limited by budget constraints.

How will this license be different from a standard Bound license?

This license is more limited from a standard license in three key ways:

  • Embedded (or inline) personalization is not included
  • All campaigns are limited to 5 rules each
  • Monthly managed services are not available as an add-on for users of the Starter License

How much does it cost?

The annual license fee is $10,000. There is a one-time set-up fee of $1,500, which includes a step-by-step walkthrough of how to enable relevant analytics integrations, a custom training, and guided launch of your first personalization campaigns.

Can I add services to this license?

Our standard managed services are only available to customers with a full Bound license. However, the starter license is designed to be an easy, user-friendly way to get started with website personalization. Your personalized, guided onboarding experience will give you a chance to work directly with a customer success manager to learn the platform and develop a strategy.

You will also have full access to our online support team who are available to answer questions and provide troubleshooting support.

Will I be able to upgrade my license in the future?

Of course! This license is designed to be a great entry into personalization. However, if you find that you're ready to expand beyond this package and you want to use the full capabilities of Bound personalization, you can always upgrade your license. The cost of the upgraded license will be prorated to reflect the remaining time on your contract.

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