Free Emergency Response Package

At Bound, we've always been believers in the impact that delivering the right content at the right time can have on a website. Now, more than ever, we realize just how important it is that website visitors are able to find the right information onsite.

The situation around COVID-19 is changing hourly and as destinations around the world respond to the crisis, it's important that updates and information are made easily accessible.

We've been inspired by the way many of our customers are using personalization to share critical information about the COVID-19 response in their location and also to provide details about how to support their communities and each other. As we thought about ways that we could help the travel community, we realized there was a way to adapt our product into a limited license that provides a personalized response tool to other destinations.

We've evaluated our product and put together an Emergency Response version of Bound, specifically designed to help you respond to the changing times and give your website visitors the information they need, when they need it.

This free package is available for any destination who could use it from now through the end of this crisis, and has been developed to make personalization even more effortless. Whether it is a travel advisory for your Out of Market visitors to help them start daydreaming about their trip later this year, or a fly-in sharing the latest updates on local resources for your In Market, we hope it will help you give your visitors the information they need to remain safe and continue to support and love the communities that you represent.

What's included:

  • Notification templates to target all website visitors with emergency alert content
  • Prepackaged personalization templates to provide relevant community updates to subsets of target visitors
  • Performance reporting
  • Best practice guidance

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