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What Data Can I Use for Website Personalization?

Picture of the author, Cameron McClure
By Cameron McClure
Nov 2, 2020

You know how you want to segment your target audiences for web personalization so let’s find the data you’ll need. It’s helpful to think about the data sources for web audience targeting in two buckets: known and anonymous visitors.

Known Visitors

Known visitors have identified themselves via form fill or clicked a link in an email sent through marketing automation. In other words, known visitors have performed an action to which your marketing automation platform has assigned a cookie. Typically, your known visitors represent only 3-5% of your web traffic. This is an important 3-5% as it is made up of hand-raising prospects, pipeline, and customers. However, many members of the buying group will still fall in the anonymous visitor category.

Anonymous Visitors

There are two types of identifiers for anonymous visitors: IP Addresses and Cookies. Each type has its strengths and at Bound, we’ve developed best-in-class targeting capabilities to allow our users to capitalize on anonymous targeting. With our technology, you can deliver timely, relevant, personalized messaging to your anonymous visitors based on their digital attributes, onsite behavior, and third party data—you can even layer these elements with your known visitor data.

Whether you want to target your known visitors or your anonymous ones, Bound has you covered with the data you need for personalization. Here are the Top Five:

  1. Behavioral – Behavioral attributes such as time on site, number of visits, remarketing, traffic source, device, pages visited, time of day, IP address and geolocation. Native to Bound
  2. Demographic – Individual attributes such as seniority, functional area, education, income, gender, and age. 
  3. Firmographic – Company attributes such as company name, domain, location, revenue, industry, employee count. Partner examples: ClearBit, Kickfire, DemandBase, Bombora
  4. Intent – Individual intent based on trends in offsite research performed prior to visiting your site.
  5. ABM & Marketing Automation – Visitor attributes from ABM and marketing automation platforms include marketing program participation, pipeline stage, custom fields, and lead scores.

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