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What ABM challenge are you trying to solve with personalization?

Picture of the author, Cameron McClure
By Cameron McClure
Nov 13, 2020

An ABM marketer’s biggest challenge is often determining where to focus their attention. While many executives are told to simply grow revenue, marketers need to dig a bit deeper to align personalization strategies with business priorities.

If at all possible, it is wise to base your personalization strategies on the priorities your business has already defined. The benefits are three-fold:

  • You don’t have to internally sell a new goal
  • Personalization becomes aligned with your existing efforts serving existing goals
  • Your organization will care about your outcomes.

Top 5 ABM Challenges Addressed by Personalization with Bound

If your organization is focused on one of these five goals then you have a use case similar to many of our customers.

  1. Site Engagement – Your website is struggling to keep web visitors engaged with the content you have already created.
  2. Conversion Optimization – You need to convert more of your web traffic into inquiries to grow the top of your revenue funnel.
  3. Pipeline Acceleration – Your sales team needs help converting open pipeline deals to closed-won opportunities.
  4. Audience Verification – Your media team is struggling to validate if their media spend is actually engaging key personas on your website.
  5. Post-purchase Marketing – You need to drive more up-sell, cross-sell, or renewal opportunities after a purchase.

While there are other general marketing and branding initiatives which personalization can help, those are the top 5 ABM use cases we see. If one matches your goals contact us to learn more.

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