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How do ABM Marketers Use Bound to Segment or Group their Website Traffic?

Picture of the author, Cameron McClure
By Cameron McClure
Nov 9, 2020

Our customers create meaningful groupings of their web audience so they can better and more directly connect with them based on their interests driving them to click, chat, submit a form and ultimately BUY.

We’ve outlined the Top Six ways our customers target their website audience to help solve their business challenges:

  1. Engage prospects or customers from key industries. Leverage existing industry-based content, tailor web messaging, and feature relevant products based on a visitor’s industry or company size. 
  2. Engage prospects or customers from key accounts. Determine the optimal message for key accounts and direct those prospects to bespoke content.
  3. Engage key buying roles. Direct them to areas of the website most relevant to them and deliver persona-based messaging through their buyer’s journey.
  4. Engage prospects or customers based on attributes. Segment your audiences based on characteristics such as time on site, number of visits, re-marketing, traffic source, device, pages visited, time of day, IP address and geolocation.
  5. Engage prospects or customers from different geographies. Promote location-specific events, programs, or messaging.
  6. Engage prospects or customers based on previous marketing interactions. Use activity from your marketing automation platform to determine what content or messaging to serve.

Each of these top six strategies support business objectives uniquely and require specific types of data to effectively implement so you should definitely check out our next post on top ABM data sources.

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