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Learning Together: How to Respond to COVID-19

Picture of the author, Mary Clare Davis
By Mary Clare Davis
M03 30, 2020

We’ve always been proud and inspired by how innovative our customers are. Whether it’s creating incredible content, building integrated campaigns or doing advanced testing, the destinations we work with are always at the cutting edge of onsite content delivery. 

But over the past few weeks as the coronavirus has upended life and travel in unexpected ways, this innovation and adaptability has been on display even more. It’s been wonderful to see so many of our customers quickly change and add to their personalization strategies to ensure accurate and timely information is shared with all website visitors. 

New personalization strategies and content have been rolled out at lightning speed to ensure visitors see emergency alerts, the latest news updates, continued ways to support their communities, and even inspiration to provide hope and excitement for life after COVID-19. 

We wanted to showcase some of these examples to provide ideas for others who may be looking to adapt their personalization strategies for the current times. The examples below are just a few of the many customers who are deploying a personalized response to this crisis.

If you and your team would like to implement something similar, please let us know!

Visit Austin Highlights COVID-19 News With Banners & Fly-Ins

The team at Visit Austin is ensuring that all visitors have easy access to the latest COVID-19 updates from the city. A fly-in is served sitewide on desktop and a banner is served sitewide on mobile to direct visitors to the most current resources. By using text-only, high contrast content, Austin is able to ensure the calls to action are visible and easily engaged with.

Visit Denver Promotes to Support Local Restaurants 

The team at Visit Denver is helping their website visitors easily find and support local restaurants through the launch of With a fly-in that is served to all visitors who aren’t on the restaurants page, they are making it easy for visitors to find carry-out restaurants and help their community with to-go orders. This is particularly valuable for those local visitors who are looking for food options and ways to help their city.

Visit Ridgeland Features Current Impact of COVID-19 AND Inspiration for Future Travels

Using personalized slideshows, the team at Visit Ridgeland is able to share multiple relevant messages with their site visitors. Focusing on information to help the community today and in the future, the slideshow has one message that shares activities that can be done while adhering to social distancing, one message that promotes local restaurants available for take-out and delivery, and one message designed to inspire travel and community engagement once the current crisis is over.

Explore Minnesota Keeps Visitors Current on Cancelled Events

With so many events and activities canceled across the state of Minnesota, the team at Explore Minnesota wanted to make sure their visitors were up to date on any changes in event calendars. In addition to the general COVID-19 update banner served across their site, they also deployed a fly-in specific to events and delivered it on the most relevant pages of their website. This ensured that this critical information was easily accessible for those who may have been planning to attend or participate in a cancelled event.

As always, our team is standing by and eager to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like help getting started with some of these use cases. 

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