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How Mooresville Kept Visitors on Site Using Persona Based Targeting

Picture of the author, Jessica Cameron
By Jessica Cameron
M08 30, 2019

One of the most common struggles for a destination is how to appeal to visitors with wildly different interests. With persona-based ad campaigns you can separate these visitors and send them to different landing pages, but how do you continue to speak to their specific interests as they explore the general site? Using Bound, the Visit Mooresville team created a homepage experience customized for each of their three target personas.

With the website address of, you might guess that Mooresville, NC is best known for being a racing town. However, the area is also a popular destination for travelers with an outdoor interest, and is packed with gorgeous wedding and reunion venues as well. As the Visit Mooresville team planned their 2019 spring and summer ads, they decided to target three key personas. Each persona, (racing, outdoors, and wedding interest) was sent to a different destination page aligned to their interests.

The Visit Mooresville team wanted the homepage to also reflect each persona’s interest. They used Bound to change multiple elements of the homepage to show articles and user generated content relevant to each persona. 

Wedding Interest


Racing Interest


Outdoor Interest


They found that while the racing interest group was the largest audience, the outdoors group engaged best with the personalized content, with an 18% clickthrough rate on the outdoors articles.

In addition to improving clickthrough rates, the personalized sections helped keep visitors on the site. From March to mid-August the homepage averaged a 68% bounce and a 61% exit rate. For visitors seeing the persona-specific content, this dropped to a 31% bounce rate and a 29% exit rate. These visitors also had more than a 200% increase in overall pages per visit and time on site.

By updating a highly trafficked page to create more relevant content for their ad personas, the Visit Mooresville team has continued to increase their website engagement and the value of their ad spend.


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