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12 Days of Personalization

Picture of the author, Jessica Cameron
By Jessica Cameron
M12 18, 2018

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Our gift to you this holiday season is an example of how you can easily build up your personalization strategy. Our Customer Success Managers work hand in hand with new clients to create a personalization plan that allows them to start with quick wins and then expand their content, although here we’ve fast-tracked what normally might happen over a few weeks or months. Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, we present to you the 12 Days of Personalization.

On the first day of personalization, we decided to:
Create a local versus non-local homepage hero as the first thing we do.

On the second day of personalization, we decided next:
To separate our key markets with geo-specific homepage hero text.

On the third day of personalization, we wanted to add:
An A/B test to see which hero image was the most rad.

On the fourth day of personalization, we stepped it up a tad:
With a different call to action for visitors coming in through an ad.

On the fifth day of personalization, we wanted to try something new:
We decided to start working on a fly-in too.

On the sixth day of personalization, we were ready to start:
A fly-in on high-bounce pages to stop visitors from wanting to depart.

On the seventh day of personalization, we thought we’d try:
A fly-in for repeat visitors pointing to our visitor guide.

On the eighth day of personalization, we wanted another test:
We tried different visitor guide forms to see which converted best.

On the ninth day of personalization, we started to prep:
An email fly-in so that visitors who downloaded the guide had a next step.

On the tenth day of personalization, we stepped up our effort:
We showed abandonment content for people who clicked and didn’t convert.

On the eleventh day of personalization, we planned based on our initial report:
To see if the mobile hero performed better when the text was short.

On the twelfth day of personalization, we targeted the rest of the USA:
With a timed hotel deals fly-in to get more people to come stay.

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