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Siemens Case Study

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By Cameron McClure
Jun 4, 2018

Siemens is a German-based technology company that focuses primarily on electrification, automation and digitalization for manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and other industrial markets. The Demand Generation team focuses on helping US-based divisions activate programs at scale across a multitude of divisions and business units. Siemens started to look at personalization as a way to take existing programs and serve them to the right people at the right time.

Before designing any personalization programs, Bound first worked with Siemens to set goals for their website audiences. “We were looking for a partner, somebody who can help us make sure things get done; because it may not happen if we’re relying on our own internal resources,” says Amy Larsen, Head of Demand Generation.

“Personalization allows us to compensate for what can be an overwhelming navigation system. In an enterprise environment with thousands of products, Bound allows us to send website visitors straight to content that’s relevant to them rather than hoping they find it in what is a massive Siemens website.”

Amy Larsen, Head of Demand Generation

Siemens typically segments personas by role, such as CFO, engineer, marketing or plant managers. However, through the course of scaling personalized messages to these audiences, they found that these segments performed better when role was combined with industry. A food and beverage engineer has different needs than an automotive engineer. With Bound, the Demand Generation team can drive these visitors to areas that are designed specifically for them. Larsen explains, “These types of analytics and the insights Bound gives us about our existing website visitors gives us the low hanging fruit of what goals to define — and then helps us execute.”

In promotion of their premier annual event, Manufacturing in America (MiA), Siemens ran an ABM campaign targeting key accounts and a campaign targeting the automotive manufacturing industry. In the three months leading up to the event, their website served personalized embedded content and fly-ins for each segment. They saw a tremendous lift in results from the previous year. 75% of the registrations came from website visitors who were served personalized content.

Their ABM success was monumental. Larsen and her team saw more than a 50% lift in registrations for a key account they targeted specifically with onsite personalization. “It was so simple and easy to execute. Bound helped us with our event promotion and executed it across all of our websites — getting that registration list was tremendous,” says Larsen.

Embedded content on the event page targeting website visitors from General Motors.

“It’s a pretty simple question: what do you want this person to do? The more that Bound pushed us to answer that question, the more it has driven us to think more customer-centric — designing the experience from the perspective of the user, rather than from the perspective of the business.”

Amy LarsenHead of Demand Generation

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