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The Great Marketing Roast of 2017

Picture of the author, Mary Clare Davis
By Mary Clare Davis
M12 14, 2017

Marketing doesn’t have to be annoying!

Here are a few notorious marketing habits that make all of our eyes roll. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. We’re guilty of most these ourselves (but we’re working on it).

Because “proposals, not problems” is our mantra, we provide some resources to help you rise above the stereotype.

Buzzword Bingo

marketing buzzwords

I mean, we literally have engagement in our tagline, so we get it, sometimes buzzwords are unavoidable. But you know what is avoidable? Generic marketing website experiences – especially when your visitors expect personalization. Segment your target audiences and serve them the marketing messages you know they’re interested in.

Find out how Hewlett Packard Enterprise personalizes their website experience on the B2B Growth Podcast. Bill Mitchell, Manager of Digital Demand Generation at HPE, talks about his team’s experience growing web personalization from a simple experiment on the homepage to a suite of programs that directly influence revenue.

AI will solve all your problems

Guess what? This is not a blog post about AI. Phew!

Find out how talking to your buyer actually works – and don’t worry, we won’t gloss over the details.

Nina LoCicero, Global Demand Gen & Analytics at Rockwell Automation, explains how she is able to:

  • Identify the personas of her anonymous web traffic
  • Leverage industry and role data to engage prospects
  • Deliver relevant messages to her target personas

in our webinar with Terry Flaherty, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions.

10,829 Reasons to Keep Reading

But lists are much less intimidating when it’s a number less than 10.

Check out the 5 Key Data Categories You Need to get the most informed look at your web audience:

  • Firmographic data
  • Demographic data
  • Offsite intent data
  • Onsite behavioral data
  • Marketing automation data

We offer a free Audience Insights report that allows you to understand who is visiting your website and how they are engaging. To gather the data, we drop a simple java script tag on your site and handle the rest.

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