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South Dakota Utilizes Personalization to Convert Web Visitors from Planning to Booking

Picture of the author, Mary Clare Davis
By Mary Clare Davis
M11 20, 2017

Ahead of the summer travel season, the South Dakota Department of Tourism looks to inspire, engage, and convert visitors into travelers through its multi-channel online strategy. At the heart of their strategy is their website. The goal of South Dakota’s website is to expose consumers to the breadth of experiences the state has to offer, while also providing consumers with the resources needed to plan their trips. The challenge for South Dakota, or any DMO website, is ensuring that they are:

  • Providing users with a useful, relevant, and enriching site experience
  • Showcasing the destination through inspiring storytelling and visuals
  • Maximizing media, website, and content investments

A systemic travel industry issue is that you heavily invest in researching your audiences and customizing messages and media placements to match consumer personas and mind-sets, but send everyone to the exact same web experience. The one-to-many website model is outdated and broken.

In order to provide a relevant and useful website experience, MMGY Global strategized, developed, and implemented an in-depth, multi-touchpoint website personalization campaign from February to May 2017 leading into South Dakota’s peak summer season. They partnered with Bound to understand who their audiences are, what feeder markets they come from, and what informs their decision process when selecting a travel destination. From this knowledge, they produced a phased personalization campaign that focused first on customizing each target audience‘s user experience from the inspirational visuals they see to the engaging stories they are served.

Read more and see the results in the case study.

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