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Renaming Get Smart Content to Bound

Picture of the author, Jim Eustace
By Jim Eustace
M10 1, 2017

As you grow, you change and continually take stock in what you put out into the world. As Get Smart Content continued to grow and evolve, I began thinking about how we defined ourselves and whether that definition communicated the significant value we brought to customers. I brought this to the team and they agreed – we had grown way beyond our initial promise and have so much more on the horizon.

We started Get Smart Content with a focus on web personalization. Our solution was differentiated in two main ways: our ability to integrate data from a variety of marketing platforms and ease of use for a non-technical audience. As we grew we added more and more data sources — growing from website behavioral and marketing automation to include a variety of firmographic, technographic, CRM, DMP and 3rd party behavioral. We brought our customers exclusive data partnerships that no other platforms could and we developed a proprietary value and intent scoring system. We added audience analytics as a precursor to our personalization offerings and saw customers adopt that at a faster rate than any of us expected. So, when I looked at the value we were delivering to customers, I agreed – we had outgrown our name.

So you want to rename but where do you start? For us, everything starts and ends with our customers. From our largest enterprise customers to our mid-size B2B and DMO’s, our customers are the ones who know us best. They know why they subscribed to our platform and they know why they renew every year. We launched a six-month process where we interviewed the customers who have been with us the longest and we heard two things over and over again.

“The platform enables us to easily combine all of our marketing data to better track and understand our customers.”

“The platform enables us to engage our prospects and customers in ways and at a scale that is a huge leap for our marketing team.”

Bind data together. Bound forward. When we heard it from customers it seemed to click as naturally as when the initial challenge was raised a little over a year ago. Our customers love us because we help them bind their marketing data together into a single thread, which is actionable on their website, in their email and in their ad campaigns. Our customers love us because we enable them to use that data to bound forward and do something they thought was impossible — engage their customers with personal experiences at scale!

Get Smart Content was a great place to start but now as we deliver leading audience analytics and personalization at scale — we are Bound.

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