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How Personalization Takes the Scary Out of Your Demand Unit Waterfall

Picture of the author, Mary Clare Davis
By Mary Clare Davis
M10 5, 2017

Personalization and the Demand Unit Waterfall

If you’re a B2B marketer, I don’t have to tell you that B2B marketing is hard. Prospects are getting harder to engage with, buying groups are growing in complexity, and marketers struggle to find the right data to understand and resonate with buyers.

It’s scary stuff, cue halloween costumes!

Join the upcoming webinar and we’ll solve all your problems, just kidding – but we will help you learn from experts in demand marketing. Terry and Nina will share their perspectives on opportunities the new Demand Unit waterfall creates – for marketers like you to identify and engage your active buyers systematically. We will also discuss a few interesting personalization plays Rockwell has successfully run to help them engage prospects more effectively.

Join us for a webinar detailing personalization plays revenue marketers are using to fill their demand waterfalls!

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • align your web personalization strategy to the new Demand Unit Waterfall
  • identify the personas of your anonymous web traffic
  • leverage industry and role data to engage prospects better
  • deliver relevant messages to your target personas

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